Personal notes from January 2020

21 January 2020

Personal Achievements

  1. A 14-day Memrise streak and no words to rehearse for all 7 courses.
  2. A 9-week streak — Morning yoga stretches every morning
  3. An 8-week streak — Every day push-ups/sit-ups
  4. Doing 60 slow push-ups daily / 2 min sit-ups
  5. An 8-week streak — Every 2 days a morning run (7,5km).
  6. Continuing my plant-based diet, for over 2 months now.
  7. No alcohol for 2 months with minor exceptions (New years and some dinners).
  8. A 4-week streak — Visit Twitter/LinkedIn/Facebook/Instagram only twice a day.
  9. Wake up at 7 am every day.
  10. Swim every other day in the sea at 8.00 am. 
  11. Read and study books, I just finished ‘Atomic habits’ by James Clear.
  12. I did 4 hikes in the area of Malaga and Granada.
  13. 12 sessions of Headspace 365-day mediation.
  14. I wrote 9 blog posts this month.
One of the 4 hikes we did this month. Absolutely amazing feeling when you reach the top at -8 degrees and strong winds.
Hike in La Maroma

New Habits:

Morning swim: I have been consistent with my morning swims. I’m doing them at 8.00 am in the morning every 2 days. 

Draw: I have bought all the materials and manage to start making 2 sketches. I really liked doing it. I might need to follow a course or have more inspiration on what to sketch. 

I love to draw, this is the first attempt to make drawing a new habit.
A new habit: draw

Headspace: I started with Headspace. So far not really consistently, but manage to do 12 sessions this month. 

Improved Habits

Workout: I have added pull-ups to my work-out. I do 2 sets when I’m at the office, before making coffee.

Write: I wrote 12 blog posts so far. I need to create a schedule. Now I write the concept and finalize the next day. I should publish them on Medium, send out a tweet and share them on the Facebook page.

Spanish homework: I have split up the homework into 3 types: read, exercises, prepare for questions. I spent 20–30 minutes each. So far this approach is more effective. 

Outdoor activities: So far every weekend we have been hiking. I want to start with mountain biking and start swimming again (even if the water is still 14 degrees).

Set up business in Spain: I have reached out to 2 people who can help me set this up. I will proceed with the first step this month.

Hike in Granada
Hike in Granada

Failed Habits:

Be more attentive
My first approach on how to improve this didn’t really work out. I have upgraded habigrow on the 18th of January. And have set 2 notifications at 11.00 and 21.00 to reply to the open conversations.

I haven’t started yet. I’ll do a bit more research about the location, opening hours and plan one day in the week to go to the indoor climbing hall.

Missing Habits

For now, the missing habits include:

Business: Turn my service business into a product business.

Priming: In February I’m going to improve the mornings with priming. 

Work structure: I’m going to improve my work and start working in blocks of 3 hours.

Finance: Keep track of my expenses and keep track of my billable hours.

New insights


In my last month’s note, I wrote that I’m hitting a wall when it comes down to my freelance work. While I was listening to a podcast of the School of Greatness with Rob Dyrek, it gave me a bit more clarity: I love to help a business succeed online, I love to listen to my clients’ business ideas and if I feel like there is an online business opportunity for them, then I love to set up a strategy. I love to bring that strategy to the next phase. In my case, this can be a landing page/web funnel or a prototype for a web application. When the idea aligns with my visions of a more sustainable world that is a big plus. 

What I don’t like to do, is to maintain websites, build websites or webshops with uninspiring products or with traditional approaches. What I definitely don’t like is to fix minor problems, they feel like a waste of my time. 

This insight explains to me why I still do what I started almost 15 years ago. It also gave me the insight that I have to start working. For example, when I deliver a website/landing page, someone else should take over the maintenance, and somebody else should start generating traffic (visitors) to the website. The same with app development, the day-to-day operations should be done by a manager. My job is to make sure that all work is in line with our strategy. 

My first step is to find someone who can take care of maintenance, and in return can deliver clients who need an online strategy.


‘Nobody really cares about what you do’. Everybody is so concerned about how to fit in the group, that they forget what they really like to do. That’s why I decided to do the things that I would like to do and stop doing the things I don’t really like to do.

Write and share my thoughts and feelings.

I’m turning 35 this year, maybe some people will say he is in his midlife crisis. The fact is that I should have taken this step many years ago. After my last breakup, I decided that I want to make a radical change. While my friends have kids and thinking about buying their second house, I’m still live like a student in Spain, enjoying life as it is, but also with the feeling that I’m just floating around. 

So here are the first things that I’m going to do:

Om-chanting sessions

I always found this the most interesting part of my yoga classes. So when I found a 45 minute Om chanting class, I signed up for it. It’s a unique experience.

Wim hof experience

I’m going to attend to the Wim Hof experience in Barcelona in April. The reason I find Wim Hof so inspiring is that he questions the status quo. And actively looks for better solutions, and he succeeds. He broke many world records and his approach helped people with all kinds of diseases.

Join a business meeting club 

Surrounding myself with other entrepreneurs and talking about our challenges makes me feel good. Although I’m in a transition, this is an extra motivation and an opportunity to pitch my ideas and help others and unfocus on my work for now.

Nomad Cruise 11

Many times I wanted to join the Nomad Cruise. But there was always something. This year I’m going to join them! 

This year I'm going to join the Nomad Cruise!
Joining the Nomad Cruise this year!

Use my ‘pension fund’

Over the last years, I have put some money aside and bought stocks with it. My predictions were quite good and with an annual 26%, I was doing pretty good. A bit wrongly timed I sold my Tesla, Beyond meat and index funds a bit too soon. Although I still believe what we seeing right now is the frontier for a big correction. 

The dept cycle. For me a reason to get out of the market and invest in myself.

The real reason is that I was worrying too much about the stocks in general. 

I realized that investing the money now in myself should give me a better result in the long run. If everything turns out well, the fund would be bigger at the end of the year. 

To do so this gave me some headspace. The time to take some distance from what I have been doing for so long.